B2B White Papers – Are You Missing Out?

What is one of the most effective ways for your business to market a product or service to other businesses?

It’s by means of a white paper, a special report that showcases the product or service in a concise, precise and credible way. They include the kind of technical detail that your prospects would require, while selling in a subtle and persuasive way.

White papersWhite papers, usually from five to 10 pages long, are highly valued by business buyers to help them make buying decisions. According to a study by Eccolo Media, 84% of businesses find white papers either moderately or extremely influential in their purchasing decisions.

White papers, which are also called special reports, are particularly suited to business software and information technology, but also to medical products and services, legal services, advertising, healthcare, construction, insurance, sports, consulting and training firms, and so on, but any business with a new or relatively complex product or service can benefit.

In fact, a B2B company that does not produce effective white papers may well be at a serious competitive disadvantage.

How much does it cost?

Typical fees charged by a professional copywriter range, in the United States for example, from $3,000 (€2,720) to $6,000 (€5,440) to write a white paper from scratch. However, this applies when the copywriter has to engage in a lot of research and interviewing of experts.

If you already have all the essential information available, then the cost will be much lower, as the copywriter can use this to organise and write up the white paper. Depending on the material available, the cost here could be from €400 to €1,200.

Why are white papers so valuable?

  • B2B buyers expect them: surveys show that prospects rate white papers as the No 1 or 2 content that they look at.
  • They build recognition and establish your credibility.
  • They position products and pitch new technology.
  • They’re a great ‘leave behind’ for salespeople.
  • They nurture prospects and generate leads.
  • They serve as a low-cost multifunctional sales tools; you can easily transform a white paper into a brochure or article, or add it to your website.
  • You will lose out badly if you don’t have them while your competition does.
  • They are effective: B2B vendors sell a huge amount of products and services thanks to white papers.
  • They can work for you for a long time – as long as you provide the product or service – and you can update as needed.

Writing an effective white paper requires special skills, including the ability to identify and structure facts, figures, quotes, examples and anecdotes into a compelling argument, and to inform and explain while also persuading and subtly selling. You need to omit buzzwords, marketing-speak and hype. You are not making a sales pitch but giving useful information.

People nowadays are bombarded with shrill, attention-seeking hype. A low-key and educational approach can actually be much more effective at selling than loud promotional copy.

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