White Papers

White papers – sometimes called special reports, briefings or backgrounders – will work harder and longer for you than any other marketing content.

White papers have two main aims:

  • Educate potential customers and capture leads
  • Demonstrate your expertise and authority by covering important topics in your industry

In this way, you also build credibility and trust. As well, if you publish regular papers, potential customers will keep returning to your website to learn more.

Lots of questions. Have you got the solution?

Lots of problems, lots of questions. Have you got the solution?

Effective white papers don’t ‘sell’ a product; they help people to understand an issue, make a decision or solve a problem. In a sense, they answer the need of those who are looking for a trusted advisor.

According to white-paper expert Gordon Graham, around 95% of business buyers search the Web before contacting vendors. If you can answer their questions, make sure they can find your solution.

The power of white papers

A good white paper brings extra traffic to your website. You can ask visitors for their email addresses in exchange for downloading a free white paper. The result? A list of targeted leads, curious about what you have to offer. A long-term marketing asset.

A survey of technology buyers showed that 71% of participants read white papers more than product literature, case studies, company websites, blogs, online video, etc. It also revealed a viral effect; almost 3 in 5 technology professionals said they passed white papers on to colleagues.

The best way to explain an offering, nurture prospects or establish trust and authority is to publish a white paper. (Note that if the term ‘white paper’ doesn’t quite fit your target audience, you might call it a report, ebook or guide.)

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Get that white paper written …

SwiftWrite will write an effective white paper for you, to a high professional standard.

If you have the raw material already prepared, we can write up the white paper for you or add professional polish to a first draft. If you have old white studies that lack punch or need to be refreshed, we can give them new life.

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