What Clients Say

"The Russia/NIS Center of the French Institute of International Relations has cooperated with Mr David Quin (SwiftWrite) for two years. Fifteen texts (translations or texts written by non-English speakers) have been proofread/edited from the beginning of that period.
In addition to the perfect respect of deadlines and attractive tariffs, the work of Mr Quin is of outstanding quality. He doesn’t limit his work to just reading the text for its style and form, but arrives at excellent understanding of the content. He rewrites, finds better formulations, points out clumsy and unclear passages or needed updates. In fact, his work is not limited to a basic proofreading or editing (for technical correction and fluent English), but he carries out deep editorial work. Mr Quin is someone who has a real literary sensibility and a talent for clear and precise writing. We are very happy with this cooperation."

Tatiana Kastueva-Jean, Head of Russia/NIS Center,
IFRI, French Institute of International Relations

"Awesome to work with. Incredibly organized, easy to communicate with, outstanding professionalism. David always delivers a perfect and in-depth editing or proofreading of our scientific articles."
Nele Wissmann
CERFA, Study Committee for Franco-German Relations,
IFRI, French Institute of International Relations

Nele Wissmann
IFRI, French Institute of International Relations

David stands heads and shoulders above any other writer or editor I've worked with. No matter how small or big the project, he approaches it with the same care and precision. He does much more than write or edit. He comes up with all sorts of suggestions and improvements that go beyond the brief and add terrific added value.
He has many talents and exceptional skills. He's a master of English and can take chaotic notes and order them into something clear and powerful.
David is the ideal communications person that every organization needs. I recommend him totally for any copywriting or editing project.

Kenneth Standyke
Sancho Network Solutions

“David provides writing and editing to the highest international standards and ensures that a client’s needs are met and exceeded. His expertise is much in demand.”

Dr Colm Murphy
Subject Leader, Media, Film and Journalism, University of Ulster

"We want to congratulate you for the remarkable job you did ... in such a short time! This is truly helpful for us."

Jan Morrens
Evens Foundation, Belgium

“David undertook a significant body of work for the Agency, in partnership with the Department of Health and Children ... was crucial to maintaining relationships ... ever-obliging in meeting demands ... our Agency derived great benefit from his high standards and ability to manage good relationships”

Dr Stephanie O’Keeffe
Research Manager, Crisis Pregnancy Agency

“David has a keen understanding of the information we want to communicate ... has helped us to express it concisely and clearly ... has provided an extremely valuable service to DIT.”

Melda Slattery
Head of Public Affairs, Dublin Institute of Technology

“When starting up my business recently, I found I hit an unexpected stumbling block. While getting my website designed, I realised my web content was far too wordy, to say the least, and also that I needed to have my content proofread and edited.

“While struggling to no avail to try to reduce my web content, I found SwiftWrite on the net. I had a chat with David and explained what I was trying to do. I was greatly relieved to discover that he was just the person I needed. I realised that David not only offered proofreading and editing services but also had extensive marketing knowledge and skills to offer.

“David managed to greatly reduce my web content, and ensured my website said everything it needed to say in a simple, concise and polished manner. He also gave me fantastic, valuable marketing tips and advice thanks to his wealth of experience and creativity.

“Thanks to SwiftWrite, I am very proud and confident of my website content and brochure information as they look and read very professional.

“Only for David of SwiftWrite, I would still be swimming in a sea of words, making no real progress with my business start-up. David is a pleasure to deal with and is highly skilled. I will definitely be calling on SwiftWrite in the future.

“If you have some written material and feel that it is not up to scratch or not getting the message across or that it lacks quality or professionalism, I highly recommend asking David to help you transform this material into something special that you will be proud of.”

Clodagh Doyle
Managing Director, Placelift, Bray, Co Wicklow

“David provided a seamless professional service ... extensive experience ... accommodating and patient ... enabled us to communicate our business practice effectively”

Caroline Casey
Kanchi (formerly Aisling Foundation)

“David is able to deliver on very short timescales ... excellent quality of work.”

Gerard Meaney
Dandelion Productions (responsible for London Millennium Gateway project)