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I live near Enniskerry, Co Wicklow, but have clients all over Ireland, and in France, Belgium, Sweden, the USA and Britain. That’s one great thing about modern communications, and in particular the Internet and email. In some ways, they turn the world into (to borrow McLuhan’s phrase) a global village.

However, it’s good to meet real human beings now and again! It’s easy for me to meet up with clients and potential clients in Co Wicklow and South Dublin. It’s good to discuss in person plans for a new website or for revamping an old website.

Website planning

I can meet people anywhere in the general area, but I often invite them to meet me at the Avoca cafe overlooking the Powerscourt gardens (the third best gardens in the world according to National Geographic!). This is not just because it’s a couple of minutes’ stroll from where I live, but because people often gain a new perspective on and clarity about their plans (and even their business) by escaping from their usual workplace and getting a little space of time to talk, discuss and think.

In this age of electronic communication and rush-rush, we often forget the value of engaging in unrushed, relaxed, face-to-face discussion, which is all the better if it’s in a quiet, attractive setting. People often say important things informally, even in unfinished sentences, that they wouldn’t have expressed in an email or on the phone. They feel the freedom to give voice to notions at the edge of their mind and play with ideas.

I also enjoy meeting new people and learning about new businesses. In Ireland, we hugely undervalue our small and medium-sized enterprises and the often brave, energetic and talented people who run them.

Free consultation

That’s why I offer free consultation. If you want to:

  • set up a new website, and would like guidance on the website structure or website content
  • revamp your old website, and would like to discuss how to improve it

ring me at +353 (0)86 607 4863
email davidswiftwrite [at]
or fill out the contact form below

and we can arrange a meeting at a place that suits you – or at the Avoca cafe at Powerscourt!

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