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Have you got a website?

It may look good, but what about the copy? Is it of a professionnal standard? Is it sprinkled with misstakes? (That’s two, in just two sentences.)

Website visitors ‘read’ copy in a different way from printed text. They’re highly impatient and easily put off. A few errors are likely to give them such a bad impression that they will quickly click away to another site.

When people read online, they tend to leap from heading to heading, and scan text to find the information they’re seeking. They rarely read long paragraphs; they like ‘signposts’ such as headings, sub-headings and bold text, as well as lists and summaries. They also like brevity and clarity.

Website assessment

We will check for:

  • typographical errors, grammar and spelling
  • clarity, concision and strength of expression
  • user-friendliness and overall impact

We will then send you a brief assessment so you can decide if you need to take further action.

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