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Resume photoThe quality of your CV or résumé is crucial. If it’s badly presented or written, you probably won’t get that job you’re keen on. If it’s riddled with errors, it will be thrown into the nearest bin.

Your covering letter is also crucial. Your prospective employer will probably make a judgement within seconds, so you’ve got to convince immediately.

In the current economic circumstances, the competition for jobs is acute, so you need to stand out.

CVs riddled with errors …

Employers are getting more applications than they can handle. They will thus look for almost any excuse to reject as many as they can in order to reduce the number to a select few.

If a quick scan reveals an application with even a few spelling mistakes, it will probably be immediately ditched, unread.

How you describe your talents, skills and achievements is also crucial. It’s not much use saying what everyone else says: “I’m a great team leader”, “I have great communication skills”, and so on. You need to show, not just tell. How can you demonstrate that you are a great team leader? What exactly did you achieve?

Get your CV or résumé checked

We can proofread your CV or résumé, and covering letter, to ensure they are error-free. If required, we can also ensure that they are presented professionally and present you in as powerful a way as possible – all for a very reasonable fee.

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