Case Studies

“The best marketing investment a company can make”

Are lots of satisfied customers praising your products or services? If they are and you are not spreading the word, you’re missing a huge opportunity.

A short case study – also called a success story or a customer story – is incredibly powerful.

Usually one to three pages long, written in a journalistic style, it relates the experience of a satisfied customer or client.

Essentially, it says “Customer X had a serious problem … but solved it by using our product/service.”

The typical format is: We had a serious problem, but then we started using this great service (or product), and it has solved a major headache for us and/or it has saved us a huge amount of money.

Why case studies are so powerful

A case study is not a sales pitch but an extended testimonial coming from a satisfied customer. That’s worth more than a thousand bits of self-praise.

Crucially, it’s highly readable because it tells a story. It engages the reader emotionally in the story and experience of how a service or product proved beneficial.

Some businesses produce highly formulaic case studies, but it’s best to present facts and details in the framework of a lively feature story, with compelling sub-headings rather than dry ones such as ‘Our solution’.

What is more powerful and credible than a real customer’s experience with your product or service? Case studies are proof that you’re delivering on your promises.

“Dollar-for-dollar, case studies are the best marketing investment a company can make.” – Steve Slaunwhite

How are case studies used?

Case studies are typically used in:

  • Sales, marketing and public relations campaigns
  • Lead generation campaigns
  • Trade shows
  • For pitching to the media to inspire stories or features
  • In the selling process by salespeople

Video is being used increasingly nowadays, but written case studies are best because they’re easy to skim and absorb, and easy to access and pass on.

However, case studies can be revamped in many forms. Businesses often create multiple versions of a case study, aimed at different audiences: as text, video, PowerPoint presentation, audio, etc. But it’s best to start with the written version; it can then be easily used, for example, as the basis for creating a video case study with the same customer.

Stories that sell

It is often hard to differentiate your products or services from those of your competitors. Customer success stories are a brilliant way to stand out as different and special.

In brief, case studies are stories that sell. You turn your satisfied customers into your most powerful sales and marketing asset.

Case study writer

Writing case studies demands special skills, such as:

  • journalistic skills in interviewing and telling a story in a lively way
  • marketing knowhow
  • attention to detail and precision (which is needed in the case of highly technical products or services)

SwiftWrite offers the following case-study services:

  • We can research and write a case study for you.
  • If you have the raw material already prepared, we can write up the case study for you or add professional polish to a first draft.
  • If you have old case studies that lack punch or that need to be refreshed, we can give them new life.

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