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Gobbledygook: Why Do We Gobbledy Gobble?

Why gobbledygook? Why do people speak or write it? In almost all cases that I can think of, it’s because (a) their main aim is not to communicate or (b) they don’t ask: how will I put this so my

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Good Writing Saves Money

Poor writing and communication cost millions each year in wasted time and lost business opportunities. In the USA, an estimated 30% of all business writing is produced to clarify or seek clarification of something already written. A study by the

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Your CV checklist

In hard times, hundreds of people may apply for a single job. Employers get more applications than they can easily handle. If a rapid scan of a CV or covering letter reveals even a few basic spelling errors, it is

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Written your monthly novel yet?

“I am a professional writer with thousands of books in circulation …” Poor old James Joyce wrote only three or four!

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Listening goes both ways

It’s often said that people who provide services should listen to their clients … It’s not so often said that clients need to listen to those who provide services.

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Our language lunacy as defined by Orwell

In my last post, I quoted some examples of linguistic lunacy – commingled containers, access controller, disposable mucus recovery unit, etc – and wondered what Orwell would think. In his Politics and the English Language essay, he offered “five specimens of the

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Language lunacy – what would Orwell think?

The English language today – or why George Orwell would need his mucus recovery unit if he had not experienced a suboptimal outcome George Orwell’s essay, ‘Politics and the English Language‘, begins: “Most people who bother with the matter at

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How official language masks human heartbreak

Irish immigration laws may be “robust”, but they are “progressive” – so all is fine and dandy. And if anyone ends up heartbroken, that’s ok, as long as they are not “excessively” heartbroken.

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The Queen’s English as spoken by Ryanair’s O’Leary

Ryanair chief Michael O’Leary is a remarkable character (love him, hate him or love/hate him). He’s remarkable both in what he’s achieved (love or hate his methods) and in the way he talks to the world. Here are some examples:

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Hey, let’s get the Americans to speak the Queen’s English

Did you know that there’s an organisation called the Queen’s English Society? No? Nor did I, until today. On its website, it shouts out its key message – in capital letters (but gentlemen shouldn’t shout, so I won’t inflict them

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